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Wireless Datalogger | Model 8026

  • The Model 8026 Datalogger.
  • Remote datalogger base station (or hub) internal components.
  • Model 8026 Datalogger installation, shown with the Model A-3 Extensometer in manhole, with manhole lid antenna.
Model 8026

The Model 8026 Wireless Datalogger is intended to transmit data from buried sensors installed in inaccessible locations. It’s designed around the Campbell Scientific, Inc. Model CR800 Datalogger, specifically to read GEOKON's line of Vibrating Wire sensors. The 8026 Datalogger is housed in a rugged enclosure (standard enclosure is PVC, optional stainless steel enclosure also available) together with a D-cell lithium battery pack (for unattended operation) and an RF modem (for wireless data transmission). It has low power consumption, wide temperature range and is moisture resistant. It’s configured to read 6 sensors; either 6 VW or 3 VW plus 3 thermistors, or any combination thereof. The 8026 is typically installed with a Spread Spectrum Radio Modem and Antenna.


±2.5 millivolts to ±5 volts (analog)
DC to 200 kHz (frequency)
0.33 microvolts to 1333 microvolts (analog)
±35 nS/no. cycles measured (frequency)
±0.1% F.S. of reading, plus offset (analog)
±0.01% of reading, plus resolution (frequency)
Excitation Output
±2.5 V at 25 mA (maximum),
Frequency Sweep 5 V with AVW200
4 × D cell Lithium 8.5 Ah
Temperature Range
−25°C to +50°C (−55°C to +80°C optional)
Diameter × Height
168 × 381 mm

Please Note: GEOKON maintains an ongoing policy of design review and reserves the right to amend products and specifications without notice. Various instruments are discontinued over time and replaced with new, updated models.