Deformation in the Tunnel

  • Convergence
  • Displacements around the excavation
  • Displacement across cracks and joints
  • Differential settlement
  • Heave

Deformation of the Ground Surface and Adjacent Structures

  • Subsurface settlement
  • Settlement of utilities
  • Subsurface lateral deformation
  • Measurement of groundwater levels
  • Measurement of cracks and tilt in buildings

Stress in the Tunnel Support and Liner

  • Measurement of structural stresses
  • Loads in and between liner segments
  • Measurement of loads in rockbolts
  • Measurement of NATM tangential and radial stresses
  • Rotation and tilting of liner segments


40th Anniversary company photo.
GEOKON 40th Anniversary logo

GEOKON, founded in 1979, is celebrating 40 years of business! GEOKON is recognized world leader in the manufacture of geotechnical and structural instrumentation. Our sensors provide excellent long-term stability and proven reliability for protracted measurements in adverse environments. GEOKON has been awarded ISO 9001:2015 registration from both ANSI•ANAB, USA and UKAS of Great Britain.

GEOKON products are supported by an experienced team of factory-trained associates ready to assist with instrument design, selection and installation. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service to meet the needs of our clients.