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New Regional Sales Office in South America

  • Photo of Shawn Dedeker.

    GEOKON Latin America

    GEOKON is pleased to announce the opening of GEOKON Latin America, a new regional office located in Santiago, Chile. The new office, located in Las Condes borough of the capitol Santiago, will oversee the Central and South America regions and will be focused on expanding the understanding and use of geotechnical and structural instrumentation in a variety of industries such as mining, energy and infrastructure.

    Francisco Vega, a Civil Engineering graduate from Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaiso, who is also a Geotechnical, Tailings and Mine Waste Specialist, will be overseeing the Latin America office as Regional Director. Francisco, with more than 12 years of experience as a Geotechnical Engineer in both the infrastructure and Mining & Energy sectors, is committed to providing the excellent customer service and support for which GEOKON is well known.

    Contact Francisco at the Latin America office, or call +56-2-2666-4249 (office), or +56-9-7578-6241 (mobile).

    GEOKON América Latina

    GEOKON se complace en anunciar la apertura de GEOKON América Latina, una nueva oficina regional ubicada en Santiago de Chile. La nueva oficina, ubicada en la comuna de Las Condes de la capital Santiago, supervisará las regiones de América Central y del Sur y se centrará en ampliar la comprensión y el uso de instrumentación geotécnica y estructural en una variedad de industrias como minería, energía e infraestructura.

    Francisco Vega, Ingeniero Civil egresado de la Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, también Especialista en Geotecnia, Relaves y Residuos Mineros, estará supervisando la oficina de América Latina como Director Regional. Francisco tiene 12 años de experiencia en los sectores de Infraestructura, Minería y Energía y está comprometido a brindar el excelente servicio y soporte al cliente por el cual GEOKON es bien conocido.

    Comuníquese con Francisco en la oficina de América Latina, o llame al teléfono: +56-2-2666-4249 o al móvil: +56-9-7578-6241.

New Sales Engineer

  • Photo of Dan Russell.

    Dan Russell

    GEOKON is pleased to announce our new Sales Engineer, Dan Russell.

    For the past 18 months, Dan has been supporting GEOKON customers as part of our Technical Services Group. As one of our Sales Engineers, he will be working directly with customers in the identification and procurement of instrumentation for their specific applications.

    Prior to joining GEOKON, Dan’s career centered around electrical and electronic manufacturers and distributors in Las Vegas where his duties included purchasing, sales, technical support, and training. Dan holds a BS in Geology from the University of Nevada.

    Please join us in congratulating Dan on his new position! Contact Dan ›

New Regional Sales Engineer

  • Photo of Shawn Dedeker.

    Shawn Dedeker, PG (MN)

    Shawn has nearly 10 years of experience in the construction and geotechnical services industry with 7 years of experience installing, troubleshooting, and designing geotechnical instrumentation solutions. Shawn has a Bachelors of Science degree in Geology and Geophysics from Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN. Shawn is a licensed professional geologist in the State of Minnesota.

    He has worked on a variety of projects including slope and ground stability, embankments, surcharges, roads, bridges and groundwater monitoring. He has broad experience working with many types of instrumentation and installation methods.

    Shawn will provide representation for GEOKON across the central United States and will be headquartered out of the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area. He is excited to work across the region to help develop solutions to monitoring needs and to learn about exciting and new instrumentation applications.

    Please join us in congratulating Shawn on his new role at GEOKON! Contact

New Sales Team Member

  • Photo of Greg Dutson.

    Greg Dutson

    GEOKON is pleased to announce the addition of Greg Dutson to our sales team. Greg has over 20 years’ experience implementing geotechnical instrumentation and data acquisition solutions in civil and structural engineering projects, including dams, bridges, tall buildings, environmental remediation, water quality, industrial and municipal water/wastewater facilities, landfills, pipelines, and underground utilities. He has extensive experience with selecting and installing many sensor types and has designed and implemented numerous telemetry systems for datalogger networks. Greg also maintains a working knowledge of multiple data collection platforms.

    In his role as regional sales engineer, Greg will be focusing on customers located in the Eastern region of the USA from his home base in eastern Tennessee. Greg is looking forward to applying his experience and expertise to assist GEOKON customers with their instrumentation and data acquisition needs.

    When not at work, Greg enjoys spending time with his seven grandchildren, and doing outdoor activities such as hiking, bicycling, and fishing. He is also active in the American Kennel Club and the Vizsla Club of America and has bred numerous top 10 Vizslas and multiple AKC champion and grand champion dogs.

    Please join us in congratulating Greg on his new role at GEOKON! Contact

New Team Member

  • Photo of Jeff Barrett.

    Jeff Barrett

    Jeff shares over 15 years’ of industry experience with GEOKON, including 5 years with an instrumentation manufacturer and 10 years with a global design firm. He has a B.Sc.E. in Civil Engineering, a M.Sc.E. in Geotechnical Engineering, and a Diploma in Technology Management and Entrepreneurship from the University of New Brunswick.

    Jeff has worked on global instrumentation projects for several high profile sites including Boone Dam, Oroville Dam, Samarco Mine, Zelazny Most Tailings Dam, and Canadian oil sands projects. He has also worked on geotechnical analysis and design projects relating to dams and mining for the Tennessee Valley Authority, US Army Corps of Engineers, Atlantic Gold, and Vale.

    Please join us in congratulating Jeff! Contact

New Sales Manager

  • Photo of Matt Sullivan.

    Matt Sullivan

    GEOKON is pleased to announce the promotion of Matt Sullivan to the position of Sales Manager. Matt’s knowledge of GEOKON products and geotechnical applications, along with his dedication to customer service and quality, make him ideally suited to lead the GEOKON Sales Team.

    Matt joined GEOKON in 2010, following eight years as a regional sales manager for a GEOKON competitor and several years as a Project Geologist for CH2M Hill, GZA, and Zoino-Hebert Drilling. He was introduced to geotechnical instruments at his first job, at the Big Dig in Boston (USA), where he installed piezometers, inclinometers, and multi-point borehole extensometers, as well as classifying soil and rock samples. He later gained valuable experience delineating groundwater containment plumes and installing remediation systems.

    For the past eleven years, Matt has played a vital role on the sales team, traveling throughout the USA from his home base near Atlanta, GA to visit current and prospective customers in person. In the course of his work, Matt has traveled to every state in the USA, and to 46 of the 50 state capitals.

    Matt and his wife Teresa have two children and they enjoy the Atlanta area and climate. His proximity to the large Atlanta airport optimizes his travel obligations, and his willingness to do so is welcomed by his colleagues. Matt enjoys the camaraderie amongst his co-workers and shares their sense of pride in working for GEOKON. In his new role as Sales Manager, Matt will be leading a seasoned group of sales engineers and associates, as well as identifying and implementing process improvements to deliver enhanced service to our customers.

    Please join us in congratulating Matt on his new role at GEOKON! Contact

New Technical Support Manager

  • Photo of Pete Officer.

    Pete Officer

    GEOKON is pleased to announce the addition of Pete Officer as Technical Support Manager. Pete has over 30 years’ experience in General Management, Technical Support Management, Marketing, and Product Management. He has a BA in education from Knox College and an MBA from Western Illinois University.

    Pete has worked with leading OEMs supplying industrial equipment in the welding and cutting industry, as well as in the agricultural industry. He has extensive experience in leading technical service, improvement plans and processes, training implementation, and improving the customer experience.

    In his spare time Pete enjoys working outdoors (especially riding his tractor and reminiscing about his days as a sod farmer!) and spending time with his growing family. Pete also enjoys sports and is looking forward to a time when he can once again attend live sporting events like soccer, basketball, and hockey.

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New Quality Assurance Manager

  • Photo of Kevin Locke.

    Kevin Locke

    GEOKON is pleased to announce the appointment of Kevin Locke as Quality Assurance Manager.

    Prior to joining GEOKON, Kevin spent eight years as a Manufacturing Quality Engineer at a medical device manufacturer where he provided quality related support to internal staff and customers alike. He also led continuous improvement and cost savings projects and assisted with continuous training efforts for both new and tenured staff. Kevin has a Manufacturing Leadership Technology Certificate from Vermont Technical College and a Master Molder 1 certification in injection molding from RJG Inc.

    Kevin fills his personal life with as much family time as possible. His hobbies include a variety of outdoor activities, particularly hunting and fishing. Kevin’s greatest passion of all is baseball. He is a member of the Nation Umpires Association as a certified baseball umpire.

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GEOKON South Renovations

  • Photo of GEOKON South, with new windows, insulation, and siding Photo of new employee lunch area

    2020 Building Improvements

    Renovation of the 48 Spencer Street facility (now known as “GEOKON South”) has begun. Vacated space provided by the completion of GEOKON North is being upgraded and converted into state-of-the-art manufacturing space and offices.

    Improvements made during 2020 include, new offices and hands-on work benches for our Technical Services Group, a new employee lunch area with mini-market, and a large, dedicated repair area. There have also been a number of structural and efficiency upgrades including, new windows, insulation, and siding. A total revamp of the main manufacturing area is planned for 2021.

    These renovations, along with our ongoing improvements in manufacturing and process control, will enabling GEOKON to readily accommodate current and future growth of the company.

New Support Technician

  • Photo of Dan Russell.

    Dan Russell

    GEOKON is pleased to announce the addition of Dan Russell to our Technical Services Group.

    Dan graduated from the University of Nevada with a BS in Geology. For the last fifteen years, his career has centered around electrical and electronic manufacturers and distributors in Las Vegas. His duties have included purchasing, sales, technical support, and training. Most recently, he was a representative for manufacturers of lighting, audio, video, temperature, and security automation products.

    Dan, along with his wife and one-year-old daughter, have just relocated from Las Vegas to New Hampshire. Dan loves being outdoors, and is especially fond of hiking, bicycling, boating, and snowboarding. Dan is excited to join the GEOKON team and is looking forward to supporting GEOKON customers in his new role as a Support Technician.

    Please help us in welcoming Dan to GEOKON! Contact

New Controller

  • Photo of Scott Barden.

    Scott Barden

    GEOKON is pleased to announce a recent addition to our team, Scott Barden.

    Scott is a Bentley University graduate with a BS in Finance and a minor in Computer Science. He started his career in public accounting working primarily as an auditor and corporate consultant. As a CPA for over 24 years, Scott has provided consulting services to corporate clients in a wide range of areas.

    In addition to his public accounting experience, he has provided finance leadership as the Chief Financial Officer at a medical device manufacturer and a food and beverage production company. He has also worked as a corporate compliance and tax manager at an industrial cutting equipment manufacturer. In his position as Controller, Scott leads the finance, accounting, and IT teams at GEOKON.

    Please help us in welcoming Scott to GEOKON! Contact

New Office Building

  • Photo of GEOKON North.

    GEOKON North

    GEOKON is proud to announce the completion of our new office building, “GEOKON North”.

    For the last 34 years, the exclusive home of GEOKON has been located on 48 Spencer Street in Lebanon, New Hampshire. During this period, several building expansions have occurred to support the ongoing growth of the business. Despite the additional space provided by the renovations, which have brought the total interior space to 35,000 square feet, continued growth of the business was once again stressing our ability to support the needs of our customers.

    Talk of expansion began again in 2017. These discussions were short lived, however, due to the limited amount of space remaining on the property. After careful deliberation, it was decided that a new building would be constructed directly across the street, on property that had previously been utilized for employee parking. This new building would allow us to relocate several office-based teams, freeing up space that could be repurposed for manufacturing. Groundbreaking for the new facility occurred on November 7th, 2018. Just over a year later, the building and surrounding grounds were complete.

    The process of moving into the 23,000 square foot, five-million-dollar building began in January of this year. Over the course of two weeks, members of the Sales, Marketing, Finance, and Electrical Engineering teams transitioned to the new building. Moving, even a short distance, during January in New Hampshire is not without its challenges but by the end of the month the process of relocation was complete and GEOKON North officially opened for use.

    Photo of GEOKON North solar panels.

    The new building includes 35 offices, a studio for photography and video production, as well as a spacious training center, where visitors can learn about the application and operation of the wide array of geotechnical instrumentation GEOKON has to offer. In addition to all the interior features, GEOKON North also has over one hundred fifty 320-watt solar panels installed on the roof, which generated 4,360 KWh of power last month.

    Visitors to GEOKON North are in awe of the spacious and luminous feel of the building. The new state-of-the-art training center offers the flexibility to deliver both classroom and hands-on learning while spacious conference rooms provide a venue for effective collaboration with our customers. Open atmosphere dining and lounge areas deliver a comforting and relaxed atmosphere for both visitors and employees.

    Photo of GEOKON North

    With the building construction and employee relocation complete, renovation of the 48 Spencer Street location (now known as “GEOKON South”) has begun. Newly vacated office space is being upgraded and converted into state-of-the-art manufacturing space as well as a new employee dining area. Additional renovations will take place in phases over the next couple of years.

    The completion of GEOKON North and the improvements to GEOKON South will not only increase the efficiency of the current operations but will also support future growth of the company for many years to come.

New Mechanical Engineer

  • Photo of Sam Rondeau.

    Sam Rondeau

    GEOKON is pleased to announce the appointment of Sam Rondeau as Mechanical Engineer.

    For the past 4 years, Sam has worked in new product development of automotive fuel injection systems and holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Sam has a passion for product design and continuous improvement including material selection, ease of assembly, and process flow. Sam’s role at GEOKON will include new product development, cost improvement initiatives, and engineering support.

    Originally from the Upper Valley, Sam is pleased to be back in the area, where he may enjoy the outdoors and time with family.

    Please help us in welcoming Sam to the GEOKON Engineering team! Contact

COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus

  • GEOKON remains strong and committed to the support of our customers and suppliers.

    March 18, 2020

    Dear GEOKON Customers and Suppliers,

    With the recent escalation of the COVID-19 novel coronavirus worldwide, we want to make you aware of the following precautions we are taking to minimize disruption to our operations and ensure the health and safety of our employees, customers and suppliers.

    At this time, the following steps have been implemented to minimize the risk of exposure to our employees and ensure the ongoing support of our customers:

    • Many of our employees are now working remotely, particularly those who are in high risk categories.
    • All non-essential visits to our facility have been suspended.
    • All travel, both domestic and foreign, has been suspended, including travel to conferences, trade shows and seminars.
    • All training, both on-site and at our training center, has been suspended.

    Regardless, as of now, we are fully operational and are working hard to ensure that any impact these actions may have is minimal. GEOKON remains strong and will strive to continue to provide the quality products, services and support that our customers have come to expect from us.

    It is our hope that the current situation with the COVID-19 virus improves quickly and we can all resume our normal business activity.

    We, at GEOKON, would like to thank you for your continued trust in us, and we look forward to working with you in the future. Stay safe.

    Sincerely, GEOKON