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Calibration Service

Load Cell Calibration Services

Load cells with higher capacities and accuracies that are traceable to NIST standards are becoming more commonly used in geotechnical applications.

To this end, GEOKON has installed a custom-built load cell press, which is capable of performing calibrations up to 1,200 tons. Traceability is achieved using 3 custom-built load cells and a vibrating wire pressure transducer as reference standards.

If you have a need for the calibration of load cells, please Request a Quotation.

  • Geokon’s new press.

    GEOKON’s Load Cell Calibration Press.

  • Hydraulic jack.

    Closeup showing hydraulic jack.

  • Custom-built load cells.

    Custom-built load cells, used for calibration.

  • Gages and pressure transducer.

    Pressure transducer, showing hydraulic pressure.