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Terms and Conditions

Changes and Improvements

All equipment described in GEOKON, INC catalogs is subject to modification and improvement as may be dictated by subsequent developments. Accordingly, we reserve the right to change and improve items, to discontinue listings, and to add new ones without notice.

Credit Terms

  • Approved accounts: Net 30 Days.
  • Credit Card Accounts: GEOKON accepts Visa®, Mastercard®, Discover®, Diners Club International®, American Express® and JCB. The Buyer is responsible for paying all freight, transport costs, and any applicable taxes. Credit Card Payments can be made online.
  • Pre-payment accounts: Require payment in advance prior to shipment. The Buyer is responsible for paying all freight and transport costs.
  • Export Shipments will be made only by one of the following methods: After receipt of irrevocable letter of credit, Payment in advance by special prior arrangement with GEOKON, INC.
  • A monthly service charge of 1.5% (18% APR) may be added on all past due balances.

Customs Documentation

Orders requiring specialized documentation may be subject to a documentation fee.

  • This fee will be priced accordingly based on the customer requirements.

Errors, Shortages, Complaints

  • All shipments should be opened immediately on delivery and the contents checked against the packing list sent with the shipment.
  • GEOKON, INC exercises due care to avoid errors and shortages. However, where errors and shortages do occur, they should be reported within 10 days of receipt of the equipment.
  • Where errors are the fault of GEOKON, INC, they will be rectified without delay.

Field Services

GEOKON, INC offers Field Service Training to client’s personnel in assembly, installation, and operation of the instruments. The hourly rate of $185.00 per hour, or part thereof, will be charged as follows:

  • Time required for traveling from NH to the job site and return.
  • Time required for working on the job including time over 8 hours per day. Minimum charge is $1480.00 USD per day.
  • Standby time at the job site up to a maximum of 8 hours per day.
  • Time required for traveling between accommodation and job site in excess of 30 minutes each way. Travel and living expenses charged at cost plus 15%.


All prices shown are FCA GEOKON Dock, Lebanon, New Hampshire, USA.

  • Ownership and risk transfers to the consignee (the Buyer) once goods transfer from the GEOKON dock. As such, it is the Buyer’s responsibility to secure their own shipment and cargo insurance.
  • For customers with an approved credit line, GEOKON will prepay and add freight costs to the invoice, unless otherwise instructed by the customer.
  • Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, by pre-approval from GEOKON, the Buyer is responsible for all related freight and transport.


  • All GEOKON, INC quotations are valid for 90 Days. Thereafter, they are subject to change without notice.

Rental Policy

  • Rental charges are 25% of the purchase price for the first month, one month minimum, and 15% of the purchase price per month thereafter.
  • Rental items may be bought out of the rental agreement during the rental period. 75% of the first month’s fee will apply toward the purchase and 50% of the subsequent months’ fees, up to a maximum of 50% of the purchase price.
  • Rental period begins on the date of outgoing shipment and ends upon receipt of goods back at GEOKON.
  • Orders canceled after shipment are subject to a $185.00 processing fee (customer responsible for all freight charges incurred).


  • All items returned for repair, both warranty and non-warranty, must have an officially issued Return Authorization (RA) number and a Health and Safety Clearance form.
  • GEOKON, INC will provide no cost repairs for returned items found to be under warranty.
  • The hourly rate for non-warranty repair is $185.00 USD. For non-warranty items, GEOKON, INC will provide the customer with a repair cost estimate and will require customer approval prior to starting any repair work.
  • GEOKON will not accept, nor work on, returns that are lacking a Return Authorization number or an unsigned Health and Safety Clearance Form.
  • All returns for repair must be sent to GEOKON with shipping pre-paid.
  • All repairs are subject to the terms and conditions set forth in our warranty statement.
  • Please contact GEOKON directly for more information and to initiate the Return Authorization process.

Responsibility and Risk

The GEOKON, INC responsibility for merchandise damaged in transit ceases when the merchandise has been delivered to the carrier for shipment and a valid receipt obtained. Claims for damage in transit are to be made with the carrier, and damaged containers or other evidence of rough handling should be noted at the time of receipt, and the containers retained until the claim is resolved.

Returned Merchandise and Canceled Orders

  • Equipment is not to be returned without first contacting GEOKON, INC and obtaining its consent. Customer must receive a Material Return Authorization number from GEOKON, INC prior to returning material.
  • All approved returns must be in like-new condition and resalable. The items must also be packaged to prevent damage during transit, insured, and returned prepaid to GEOKON, unless otherwise agreed upon by GEOKON, INC.
  • Returned equipment and canceled orders are subject to a 25% restock.
  • Orders for custom manufactured products such as Load cells, Extensometers, In Place Inclinometers, and GEOKON part numbers with an “X” designation, are not eligible for cancellation of the order once manufacturing has been started, nor eligible for return once shipped to the customer.

Taxes and Import Duties

All destination taxes, duties, importation fees, and importation documentation expenses are to be paid by the purchaser, unless specific provisions to the contrary are made at the time the order is placed.