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Data Sheets

Product Data Sheets (.pdf format)

New and recently updated (within the last 6 months) files are shown with shaded background and bold revision, date and size.

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Instrumentation Catalog

Full-color instrumentation catalog containing the primary GEOKON product lines Rev. INIT 05.2024

Strain Gauges

Model Number/DescriptionRevision:Date:
3900 Embedment Strain Gauge Rev. E.1 03.2022
4000 Vibrating Wire Arc Weldable Strain Gauge Rev. H.1 05.2024
FP4000 Fiber Optic Strain Gauge Rev. F 06.2024
ST-350 Dynamic Strain Transducer Rev. C 05.2023
4100 Series Vibrating Wire Spot-Weldable Strain Gauges Rev. I.1 04.2024
4200 Series Vibrating Wire Concrete Embedment Strain Gauges Rev. J.4 05.2024
4435 Vibrating Wire Soil Extensometer Rev. C 05.2023
4911/4911A Vibrating Wire Rebar Strain Meters (“Sister Bars”) Rev. G 03.2023
3911/3911A Electrical Resistance Type Rebar Strain Meters (“Sister Bars”) Rev. B 10.2021
FP4911 Fiber Optic Rebar Strainmeter (“Sister Bars”) Rev. C 04.2019

Displacement Transducers

Model Number/DescriptionRevision:Date:
4400 Series Vibrating Wire Displacement Transducers Rev. P.3 03.2024
4415 3D Crackmeter Rev. C.3 05.2023
4430 Vibrating Wire Deformation Meter Rev. D 08.2023
4435 Vibrating Wire Soil Extensometer Rev. C 05.2023


Model Number/DescriptionRevision:Date:
1100 Rod Type Borehole Extensometer Rev. A.1 01.2024
1300 (A-9) Retrievable Extensometer Rev. H 10.2023
1610 GEOKON/Ealey Tape Extensometer Rev. F 09.2023
1800 Telltales Rev. A.4 11.2023
1900 Magnetic Extensometer Rev. I.2 01.2024
1950 Settlement Points (Borros Type) Rev. E 05.2024


Model Number/DescriptionRevision:Date:
3400 Semiconductor Piezometers and Pressure Transducers Rev. D.1 06.2024
4500 Series Vibrating Wire Piezometers and Pressure Transducers Rev. O.3 05.2024
4500CR Corrosion Resistent Piezometers and Pressure Transducers Rev. A.4 03.2023
4500HT • 4500HHT High Temperature Piezometer and Pressure Transducers Rev. H 10.2023
4500MLP Multilevel Piezometer Rev. H 10.2023
4590 Casagrande Standpipe Piezometer Rev. E 05.2023
4675LV Vibrating Wire Weir Monitor Rev. E.1 05.2024

Settlement Sensors

Model Number/DescriptionRevision:Date:
4600 Series Vibrating Wire Settlement Systems Rev. O 04.2022
4625 Settlement Plate Rev. C 07.2022
3655 • 4655 Multipoint Settlement Systems Rev. C 07.2023
4675OC Precision Settlement Monitoring System Rev. C 11.2022

Pressure Cells

Model Number/DescriptionRevision:Date:
4800 Series Earth Pressure Cells Rev. J 12.2023
4815 Series Pressure Cells, Granular Soils Rev. B 04.2019
4850 NATM Style Shotcrete Stress Cell Rev. M 11.2022

Load Cells

Model Number/DescriptionRevision:Date:
3000 Series Electrical Resistance Type Load Cells Rev. C 05.2023
4900 Series Vibrating Wire Load Cells Rev. K.1 04.2022
4910 Vibrating Wire Instrumented Rockbolt Rev. E 05.2023
4915 Tension Load Cell Rev. C 08.2023


Model Number/DescriptionRevision:Date:
GK-604D MEMS Digital Inclinometer | Spiral Indicator System Rev. H.2 01.2024
6140 Vertical In-Place Inclinometer String Rev. A.1 04.2024
6180 Vertical In-Place Inclinometer System Rev. A.5 01.2024
6185 Horizontal In-Place Inclinometer System Rev. A 01.2024
6300 Vibrating Wire In-Place Inclinometer Rev. H 03.2023
6400 Glue-Snap ABS Inclinometer Casing Rev. F 06.2024
6500 Inclinometer Casing Rev. F 09.2023
6600 Quick-Lock Inclinometer Casing Rev. A.4 07.2022

Tiltmeters • Pendulums

Model Number/DescriptionRevision:Date:
6161 MEMS Tilt Sensors Rev. K 06.2024
6190 MEMS Tilt Sensors Rev. A.2 02.2024
6195 Triaxial MEMS Tilt Beam Rev. A 01.2024
6350 Vibrating Wire Tiltmeter Rev. I 03.2023
6850 Pendulum Readout Rev. F 10.2023


Model Number/DescriptionRevision:Date:
GK-404 Vibrating Wire Readout Rev. F 05.2023
404 Intrinsically Safe Vibrating Wire Readout Rev. C 06.2024
GK-406 Vibrating Wire Analyzer Rev. B.1 10.2023
FPC-3 Field PC Rev. A 03.2024
GK-502 Load Cell Readout Rev. C 06.2023
RB-500 MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Sensor) Readout Rev. E 06.2024
4999 Terminal Box Rev. E 05.2024
4999-12L/E LAB3 Surge Module Rev. F 02.2021

Dataloggers • Software

Model Number/DescriptionRevision:Date:
8032 Multiplexer (MUX) Rev. H 05.2024
8040 Series Wireless Vibrating Wire Interface Rev. C 09.2023
8600 Series Dataloggers Rev. C.1 05.2024
8800 • 8900 Series GeoNet Wireless Mesh Loggers + Data Hosting System Rev. A.6 01.2024
8920 • 8930 • 8950 Series GeoNet Network Loggers + Data Hosting System Rev. C 06.2024
8940 Series GeoNet Dataloggers Rev. B 04.2024
8960 Series GeoNet Digital Vibrating Wire Interfaces Rev. A.2 04.2024
Agent Software (8800-GNA) INIT 11.2020
8020-30 Addressable Vibrating Wire Interface Rev. D 06.2024
8020-38 Addressable Bus Converter Rev. A 06.2024
8020-59 Vibrating Wire Frequency to Analog Converter Rev. C 05.2022


Model Number/DescriptionRevision:Date:
3200 Hydraulic Borehole Pressure Cells Rev. F 02.2021
4300 Vibrating Wire Stressmeters Rev. D 01.2021
4350 Biaxial Stressmeter Rev. D 05.2023
4360 Soft Inclusion Stress Cell (SISC) Rev. D 05.2023
4370 Concrete Stressmeter Rev. E 06.2024
5000 Borehole Deformation Gauge Rev. D 05.2023

Fiber Optic

Model Number/DescriptionRevision:Date:
FP4000 Fiber Optic Strain Gauge Rev. F 06.2024
FP4700 Fiber Optic Temperature Sensor Rev. D 04.2019
FP4911 Fiber Optic Rebar Strainmeter (“Sister Bars”) Rev. C 04.2019


Model Number/DescriptionRevision:Date:
3800 Thermistor Probe Rev. A.2 10.2023
3810 Thermistor String Rev. A.1 07.2022
3810A Addressable Thermistor String Rev. A.1 07.2022
4700 • 4700LT • 4700HT Vibrating Wire Temperature Sensors Rev. G 04.2024
FP4700 Fiber Optic Temperature Sensor Rev. D 04.2019


Model Number/DescriptionRevision:Date:
2100 Nold DeAerator™ Rev. E 06.2024
Instrumentation Cables Rev. H.3 01.2024