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Data Sheets

Product Data Sheets (.pdf format)

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Short Form Catalog

32 page, full-color catalog containing the primary GEOKON product lines Rev. J.6 12.2019

Strain Gauges

Model Number/DescriptionRevision:Date:
3900 Embedment Strain Gauge Rev. E.1 03.2022
4000 Vibrating Wire Arc Weldable Strain Gauge Rev. G 02.2022
FP4000 Fiber Optic Strain Gauge Rev. E 04.2019
ST-350 Dynamic Strain Transducer Rev. B 04.2019
4100 Series Vibrating Wire Spot-Weldable Strain Gauges Rev. I 06.2022
4200 Series Vibrating Wire Concrete Embedment Strain Gauges Rev. J 03.2022
4435 Vibrating Wire Soil Extensometer Rev. B 04.2019
4911/4911A Vibrating Wire Rebar Strain Meters (“Sister Bars”) Rev. F.7 04.2019
3911/3911A Electrical Resistance Type Rebar Strain Meters (“Sister Bars”) Rev. B 10.2021
FP4911 Fiber Optic Rebar Strainmeter (“Sister Bars”) Rev. C 04.2019

Displacement Transducers

Model Number/DescriptionRevision:Date:
4400 Series Vibrating Wire Displacement Transducers Rev. O 04.2020
4415 3D Crackmeter Rev. C.1 04.2020
4430 Vibrating Wire Deformation Meter Rev. C.1 06.2021
4435 Vibrating Wire Soil Extensometer Rev. B 04.2019


Model Number/DescriptionRevision:Date:
1100 Rod Type Borehole Extensometer Rev. INIT 05.2022
1300 (A-9) Retrievable Extensometer Rev. G.2 04.2020
1610 GEOKON/Ealey Tape Extensometer Rev. E.1 06.2021
1800 Telltales Rev. A.3 07.2022
1900 Magnetic Extensometer Rev. I.1 10.2022
1950 Settlement Points (Borros Type) Rev. D 04.2019


Model Number/DescriptionRevision:Date:
3400 Semiconductor Piezometers and Pressure Transducers Rev. C 04.2019
4500 Series Vibrating Wire Piezometers and Pressure Transducers Rev. N.3 04.2022
4500CR Corrosion Resistent Piezometers and Pressure Transducers Rev. A.3 11.2022
4500HT • 4500HHT High Temperature Piezometer and Pressure Transducers Rev. G.3 02.2021
4500MLP Multilevel Piezometer Rev. G 04.2019
4570 Series (Level 1000, Level 2000) Downhole Water Level Dataloggers Rev. C 04.2019
4590 Casagrande Standpipe Piezometer Rev. D.1 09.2022
4675LV Vibrating Wire Weir Monitor Rev. D.3 08.2021

Settlement Sensors

Model Number/DescriptionRevision:Date:
4600 Series Vibrating Wire Settlement Systems Rev. O 04.2022
4625 Settlement Plate Rev. C 07.2022
3655 • 4655 Multipoint Settlement Systems Rev. B.4 04.2019
4675OC Precision Settlement Monitoring System Rev. C 11.2022

Pressure Cells

Model Number/DescriptionRevision:Date:
4800 Series Earth Pressure Cells Rev. I 04.2019
4815 Series Pressure Cells, Granular Soils Rev. B 04.2019
4850 NATM Style Shotcrete Stress Cell Rev. M 11.2022

Load Cells

Model Number/DescriptionRevision:Date:
3000 Series Electrical Resistance Type Load Cells Rev. B 04.2019
4900 Series Vibrating Wire Load Cells Rev. K.1 04.2022
4910 Vibrating Wire Instrumented Rockbolt Rev. D 04.2019
4915 Tension Load Cell Rev. B 04.2019


Model Number/DescriptionRevision:Date:
GK-604D MEMS Digital Inclinometer | Spiral Indicator System Rev. H.1 08.2022
SiteMaster • SiteMaster Plus Inclinometer Data Reduction Software Rev. C 05.2019
6150F Series MEMS In-Place Inclinometer Systems Rev. A 02.2020
6155 MEMS Horizontal In-Place Inclinometer Rev. E 05.2019
6180 Vertical In-Place Inclinometer System Rev. A.2 11.2022
6300 Vibrating Wire In-Place Inclinometer Rev. G 05.2019
6400 Glue-Snap ABS Inclinometer Casing Rev. E 12.2020
6500 Inclinometer Casing Rev. E 05.2019
6600 Quick-Lock Inclinometer Casing Rev. A.4 07.2022

Tiltmeters • Pendulums

Model Number/DescriptionRevision:Date:
6101D MEMS Digital Tiltmeter Rev. B 07.2022
6160 MEMS Tilt Sensors Rev. B 05.2019
6161 MEMS Tilt Sensors Rev. J 04.2019
8003 (LC-3) Series MEMS Dataloggers Rev. C 05.2019
6350 Vibrating Wire Tiltmeter Rev. H 05.2019
6165 MEMS Tilt Beam Rev. B.1 04.2020
6850 Pendulum Readout Rev. E.3 04.2019


Model Number/DescriptionRevision:Date:
GK-404 Vibrating Wire Readout Rev. E 05.2019
404 Intrinsically Safe Vibrating Wire Readout Rev. B 05.2019
GK-406 Vibrating Wire Analyzer Rev. B 03.2022
FPC-3 Field PC Rev. INIT 05.2022
GK-502 Load Cell Readout Rev. B 05.2019
RB-500 MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Sensor) Readout Rev. D.1 01.2022
4999 Terminal Box Rev. D 05.2019
4999-12L/E LAB3 Surge Module Rev. F 02.2021

Dataloggers • Software

Model Number/DescriptionRevision:Date:
8003 (LC-3) Series MEMS Dataloggers Rev. C 05.2019
8032 Multiplexer (MUX) Rev. G 04.2021
8040 Series Wireless Vibrating Wire Interface Rev. B 10.2019
8600 Series Dataloggers Rev. B.2 05.2021
8600-3 Wireless Datalogger Rev. C 06.2019
8800 • 8900 Series GeoNet Wireless Mesh Loggers + Data Hosting System Rev. INIT 10.2022
8920 • 8930 Series GeoNet Network Loggers + Data Hosting System Rev. A.3 01.2023
8940 Series GeoNet Dataloggers Rev. A 01.2023
8960 Series GeoNet Digital Vibrating Wire Interfaces Rev. A.1 01.2023
Agent Software (8800-GNA) Rev. Init 11.2020
VDV Data Visualization Software Rev. H 05.2019
8020-30 Addressable Vibrating Wire Interface Rev. C 02.2021
8020-38 Addressable Bus Converter Rev. Init 08.2019
8020-59 Vibrating Wire Frequency to Analog Converter Rev. C 05.2022
4500CPR • 8020-42CPR • AR Series Autoresonant Vibrating Wire Sensors Rev. B 05.2019


Model Number/DescriptionRevision:Date:
3200 Hydraulic Borehole Pressure Cells Rev. F 02.2021
4300 Vibrating Wire Stressmeters Rev. D 01.2021
4350 Biaxial Stressmeter Rev. C 05.2019
4360 Soft Inclusion Stress Cell (SISC) Rev. C 05.2019
4370 Concrete Stressmeter Rev. D 05.2019
5000 Borehole Deformation Gauge Rev. C 05.2019

Fiber Optic

Model Number/DescriptionRevision:Date:
FP4000 Fiber Optic Strain Gauge Rev. E 04.2019
FP4700 Fiber Optic Temperature Sensor Rev. D 04.2019
FP4911 Fiber Optic Rebar Strainmeter (“Sister Bars”) Rev. C 04.2019


Model Number/DescriptionRevision:Date:
3800 Thermistor Probe Rev. A 05.2022
3810 Thermistor String Rev. A.1 07.2022
3810A Addressable Thermistor String Rev. A.1 07.2022
4700 • 4700HT Vibrating Wire Temperature Sensors Rev. E.1 11.2022
FP4700 Fiber Optic Temperature Sensor Rev. D 04.2019


Model Number/DescriptionRevision:Date:
2100 Nold DeAerator™ Rev. D 04.2019
Instrumentation Cables Rev. H.1 10.2021