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Custom Products

Recent Custom Products:

  • Earth Pressure Cell

    4800X: The custom Model 4800 Earth Pressure Cell shown here has a 100mm diameter and was designed for use in large scale laboratory tests. The cell consists of two stainless steel plates welded around their periphery and spaced by a narrow cavity filled with de-aired oil. Changing pressure squeezes the plates together, increasing the pressure inside. The pressure is measured by a Vibrating Wire Pressure Transducer, whose output is transmitted to a readout or datalogger.

  • Deformation Meter

    4430X: The Model 4430 Deformation Meter is designed to measure longitudinal deformation in dams and embankments. The custom version shown here is 0.5m in length and has a 100mm range. It comprises a Vibrating Wire Displacement Transducer, connected between two end flanges, and protected by a sturdy PVC housing with a built-in telescopic coupling. The end flanges enable a series of sensors to be bolted together allowing complete profiles of deformation to be measured.

  • Instrumented Rockbolts

    4910X: The Model 4910 shown here comprises a Threadbar in which a miniature Vibrating Wire Strain Gauge has been installed along a bore at the head of the bolt. The instrumented rock bolt is installed in the same manner as conventional rockbolts, in this case by rupturing a resin cartridge and spinning. The built-in connector, at the head of the bolt, allows the readout cable to be conveniently attached after installation.

Comprehensive Custom Design Service:

GEOKON offers a comprehensive custom design service to produce custom instrumentation for special applications. Members of our experienced staff are ready to work with you to meet your needs. Please contact GEOKON for more information regarding custom instrumentation.

Products designed to customer specifications: