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GeoNet Wireless Network (VW) | Model 8800 Series

  • Model 8800-2 Network Supervisor (center), surrounded by five Model 8800-1 Sensor Nodes.
  • Model 8800-1 Sensor Node attached to standard mounting bracket.
  • Model 8800-1 Sensor Node side panel, with LED indicators showing Strong RF Signal.
  • Model 8800-1 Sensor Node, with 10-pin connector option and cover removed to show battery compartment.
  • Model 8800-8-1 Multiplexer, shown with eight 2-pair cable connections.
  • Model 8800-1 Sensor Node (l) connected to the Model 8800-8-3 Multiplexer (r), shown with multi-pair cable entry configuration.
  • Typical network.
  • Network with obstructions.
  • The Supervisor and Nodes are powered by either Lithium or Alkaline “D” cell batteries, or an external source up to 12 V (please contact Geokon). The chart below shows Battery Life Estimates.
  • GeoNet Software for Windows® screen showing sensor charts.
Model 8800 Series

GeoNet is a low-power, wireless data acquisition network developed to more efficiently collect data from many points. The system consists of a Network Supervisor (8800-2) and up to 100 Single-Channel Sensor Nodes (8800-1). The supervisor controls the network and is the aggregator of all the data collected by the nodes. Sensor Node Multiplexers are available, which expand the capacity at each node to 8 channels, thereby allowing clusters of closely spaced sensors to be added to the system. The system is compatible with all GEOKON Vibrating Wire instruments¹. GeoNet is built on top of the IEEE 802.15.4 standard. The network is self-healing and will reconfigure itself, if possible, to tolerate disturbances to the physical environment. This topology is more flexible than star networks, in that communication can be established around obstructions. Up to 12 networks can coexist by setting each to a different operating frequency (channel).

¹MEMS (±5 V) Sensor Nodes (single and addressable types) and Thermistor String Nodes currently under development.


Radio Frequency, ISM Band
900 MHz (North America, Brazil, Singapore, Australia)
2.4 GHz (other countries)
Range¹ (Outdoor)
26 km (6500 m × 4 hops) (North America, Brazil, Singapore, Australia)
3 km (750 m × 4 hops) (other countries)
Range¹ (Indoor, Urban)
1220 m (305 m × 4 hops) (North America, Brazil, Singapore, Australia)
240 m (60 m × 4 hops) (other countries)
Storage Capacity
>1.04 M Arrays
Power Supply
D Cell Alkaline or Lithium (2×)
Operating Temperature
−40°C to +85°C
L × W × H
122 × 120 × 91 mm

¹Line-of-sight, maximum 4 hops.

Please Note: GEOKON maintains an ongoing policy of design review and reserves the right to amend products and specifications without notice. Various instruments are discontinued over time and replaced with new, updated models.