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LogView Mobile Software | Model 8001-10

  • LogView Mobile screen shot (shown with Model FPC-2 Handheld Field PC  connected to the Model 8002-1A-2 (LC-2) Single Channel Datalogger).
  • Application Menu, Data Collection and Datalogging and Monitoring screens (left to right).
Model 8001-10

LogView Mobile performs most of the same functions as LogView but was designed to operate on a ruggedized, handheld PC such as the Model FPC-2 Field PC or the Juniper® Systems Archer Field PC®. As such, LogView Mobile is ideally suited for logger setup and data collection in harsh environments that are too extreme for the use of the typical laptop PC.


Operating Systems
Windows® Mobile 6.1 or greater
.NET Frameworks
Microsoft® Compact Framework 3.5
Storage Memory
10 MB free (minimum), 20 MB free (recommended)
Program Memory
5 MB free (minimum), 10 MB free (recommended)

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