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GeoNet Cellular, Wi-Fi® + Satellite Network Loggers | 8920 · 8930 · 8950

  • The Model 8920 Series includes the Cellular Addressable Logger, Cellular VW Logger and Cellular Tilt Logger (top, left to right),  and the 4- and 8-channel Cellular VW Loggers (bottom, left to right).
  • The Model 8920 DHP is compatible with GEOKON Digital Addressable MEMS products and capable of reading up to 250 MEMS, or up to 500 Model 6140 MEMS, sensors. The 8920 DHP is also capable of reading non-GEOKON sensors that utilize the RS-485 MODBUS® communication protocol.
  • The Model 8930 Series includes the Wi-Fi® Addressable Logger, Wi-Fi VW Logger and Wi-Fi Tilt Logger (top, left to right),  and the 4- and 8-channel Wi-Fi VW Loggers (bottom, left to right).
  • The Model 8950 Series includes the Satellite Addressable Logger, Satellite VW Logger and Satellite Tilt Logger (top, left to right),  and the 4- and 8-channel Satellite VW Loggers (bottom, left to right).
  • Typical Networked Logger setup with cloud integration, secure data access and visualization via GEOKON AGENT software (or optional third party software).
  • AGENT software screenshot showing live data charts.
8920 · 8930 · 8950

The Model 8920 Series Cellular Loggers, Model 8930 Series Wi-Fi Loggers and Model 8950 Series Satellite Loggers offer high-value, networked data collection options for all GEOKON vibrating wire instruments and addressable sensor strings.¹ The 8920 and 8950 Series loggers are ideal for smaller networks with a limited number of sensors, high-traffic areas (i.e. areas with radio interference), dense urban environments and areas with no line-of-sight between loggers. The 8930 Series loggers are ideal for underground mines, indoor environments and on structures with a Wi-Fi network readily available.

The GeoNet Network Loggers can be added to sites with existing GeoNet 8800 Series and/or GeoNet 8900 Series Wireless Data Hosting Systems, allowing additional loggers to be placed in locations beyond the range of existing mesh networks. The loggers are ready for deployment and data acquisition may commence within minutes after installation as no SIM card nor cellular provider activation are necessary.²

The system is compatible with all GEOKON Vibrating Wire instruments, addressable sensor strings and addressable thermistor strings. Single, multichannel and addressable versions of each telemetry option are available. Self-contained tilt loggers are also available, for attachment to structures, to wirelessly measure any tilting that may occur. The multichannel VW loggers expand the capacity at each logger, allowing clusters of closely spaced sensors or vibrating wire load cells, multipoint borehole extensometers or multilevel piezometers to be added to the system.

The GeoNet Network Loggers collect their respective sensor data and provide seamless and secure cloud integration via the Internet and GEOKON OpenAPI. GEOKON OpenAPI is easy-to-use and allows users to activate loggers, change settings, configure sensor channels, and view current logger status. Industry leading data visualization software or the no-cost GEOKON Agent Software can be used with GEOKON OpenAPI for data viewing and reporting.

The capacity of GeoNet Multi-Channel and Addressable Loggers can be expanded using the Model 8960 Series Digital Vibrating Wire Interfaces.

¹Addressable MEMS, VW and Thermistor strings.

²GeoNet Cellular Gateways are compatible with all major networks except Verizon.


VW Frequency Range
400-6,500 Hz
Scan Interval
Min: 10 minutes; Max: 24 hours
Data Transmission Interval
8920, 8930 | Min: 10 minutes; Max: 24 hours
8950 | Min: 2 hours; Max: 24 hours
Power Supply
Mains power or solar
Operating Temperature¹
−40 °C to +85 °C (−40 °F to +185 °F)
−40 °C to +65 °C (−40 °F to +149 °F) (Tilt logger)
Tilt Range²
L × W × H
120 × 122 × 91 mm (single-channel/addressable/tilt loggers)
160 × 260 × 91 mm (4-channel loggers)
180 × 280 × 101 mm (8-channel loggers)
173 × 299 × 90 mm (DHP)

¹Lithium batteries will not charge below 0 °C.

²Tilt Loggers only. Calibrated range: ±30°

Please Note: GEOKON maintains an ongoing policy of design review and reserves the right to amend products and specifications without notice. Various instruments are discontinued over time and replaced with new, updated models.

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