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GeoNet Digital Vibrating Wire Interfaces | 8960 Series

  • Model 8960-01C-CBL, 8960-04C-CBL and 8960-08C-CBL (top left to right) GeoNet Digital Vibrating Wire Interfaces. Model 8960-01C-CAB Vibrating Wire Interface (lower left).
  • Model 8960-01C-CBL GeoNet Digital Vibrating Wire Interface.
  • Model 8960-04C-CBL GeoNet Digital Vibrating Wire Interface.
  • Model 8960-08C-CBL GeoNet Digital Vibrating Wire Interface.
  • Model 8960-01C-CAB Vibrating Wire Interface (for use with one sensor only).
  • Model 8960-01C-CAB Vibrating Wire Interface, shown as connected to the Model 4500S Standard Piezometer.
8960 Series

The Model 8960 Series Digital Vibrating Wire Interfaces expand the capacity of GeoNet Dataloggers, Mesh, Cellular, and Wi-Fi® Multi-Channel and Addressable Loggers by allowing users to add additional sensors to the system. The Model 8960 Series also enables the reading of vibrating wire sensors from Modbus® RTU clients using signal conditioning and digital addressing.

The 4- and 8-channel Digital Vibrating Wire Interfaces are also compatible with Model 4900 Vibrating Wire Load Cells. Multiple load cells and VW sensors can be connected to a single interface, provided that the total number of VW gauges does not exceed the channel capacity of the interface.

The Model 8020-38 Addressable Bus Converter is required to connect addressable sensor strings to personal computers, readouts, dataloggers, and programmable logic controllers. The converter acts as a bridge using the TTL or USB protocols between readers and GEOKON RS-485-enabled sensor strings.


Power Supply
12 VDC
1.2 mA (idle)
Maximum Current
35 mA (180Ω VW Coil), 57 mA (50Ω VW Coil)
RS-485, Half-duplex (two-wire differential)
Modbus RTU
Operating Temperature
−40°C to +80°C
L × W × H (Enclosure)
80 × 125 × 57 mm (single-channel)
180 × 180 × 101 mm (4-channel)
160 × 260 × 91 mm (8-channel)
L × Ø (Housing)
100 × 25 mm (single-channel, Model 8960-01C-CAB)

Please Note: GEOKON maintains an ongoing policy of design review and reserves the right to amend products and specifications without notice. Various instruments are discontinued over time and replaced with new, updated models.

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