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GeoNet Wireless Mesh Loggers | 8800 · 8900 Series

  • The Model 8800 and 8900 Series include the Mesh VW Logger, Mesh Addressable Logger, Mesh Tilt Logger and Local Gateway (top, left to right), the 4- and 8- channel Mesh VW Loggers and the Cellular Gateway (bottom, left to right, Model 8900 Series pictured).
  • The Model 8800 and 8900 Cellular Gateway (left, Model 8900 pictured) is used to control the network, collect all sensor data from any loggers deployed and seamlessly connect to the cloud server and hosted data platform. The Model 8800 and 8900 Local Gateway (right, Model 8900 pictured) provides the same network capabilities, but without cloud integration for secure, localized access to your sensor data.
  • The Model 8800 and 8900 self-contained Mesh Tilt Logger (left, Model 8900 pictured) and the Mesh Addressable Logger (right, Model 8900 pictured), used to connect GEOKON addressable sensor strings and addressable thermistor strings.
  • The 8800 and 8900 Single-Channel Mesh VW Logger  (left, Model 8900 pictured), and the 4- and 8-channel Mesh VW Loggers (right, Model 8900 pictured), which expand the capacity at each node, allowing clusters of closely spaced sensors (up to 4 or 8 vibrating wire sensors respectively).
  • Typical GeoNet network, with line-of-site obstructions.
  • Agent Software screenshot showing live data charts.
8800 · 8900 Series

The GeoNet 8800 and 8900 Series is a low-power, wireless data acquisition system and hosted data platform. The integrated system affords the efficient collection of sensor data from many points and provides secure access to sensor data via the Internet and GEOKON OpenAPI (a secure, localized option is also available). The system is especially useful in geographically complex locations where a wired infrastructure would be costly, or impossible, to install and difficult to maintain.

The 8800 and 8900 Series comprise single- and multichannel Mesh VW Loggers and a Mesh Addressable Logger to read all GEOKON vibrating wire and addressable sensors, respectively. Self-contained Mesh Tilt Loggers are also available, for attachment to structures, to wirelessly measure any tilting that may occur. The multichannel Mesh VW Loggers expand the capacity at each logger, allowing clusters of closely spaced sensors or vibrating wire load cells, multipoint borehole extensometers or multilevel piezometers to be added to the system. The system is compatible with all GEOKON Vibrating Wire instruments, addressable¹ sensor strings and addressable thermistor strings.

A Cellular or Wi-Fi® Gateway² controls the network, collects all sensor data from any loggers deployed and provides seamless and secure cloud integration, which is achieved via GEOKON OpenAPI. GEOKON OpenAPI is easy-to-use and allows users to activate loggers, change settings, configure sensor channels, and view current logger status. Industry leading data visualization software, such as Vista Data Vision, or the no-cost GEOKON Agent Software, can be used with GEOKON OpenAPI for data viewing and reporting. A Local Gateway, without cellular or Wi-Fi capabilities, or cloud integration, provides the same control over the network to allow secure, localized access to your sensor data.

The network is self-healing and will reconfigure itself, if possible, to tolerate disturbances to the physical environment. This topology is more flexible than star networks, in that communication can be established around obstructions. Up to 12 networks can coexist by setting each to a different operating frequency (channel).

The capacity of Model 8800 and 8900 Series Multi-Channel and Addressable Loggers can be expanded using the Model 8960 Series GeoNet Digital Vibrating Wire Interfaces.

8900 Series

8800 Series

¹Addressable MEMS, VW and Thermistor strings.

²GeoNet Cellular Gateways are compatible with all major networks except Verizon.


Star/Mesh/Cluster Tree (Automatic)
Radio Frequency, ISM Band
902-928 MHz (North America)
902-906, 915-928 MHz (Brazil)
915-928 MHz (Australia, Chile, Peru)
863-870 MHz (Europe)
8900 | Up to 60 km (15 km × 4 hops) (North America, Brazil)
8900 | Up to 22 km (5.5 km × 4 hops) (Europe)
8800 | Up to 26 km (6.5 km × 4 hops) (all models)
Tilt Range²
Gateway Storage Capacity
>1.04 M Arrays
Power Supply
Battery pack, or 9-24V External (Cellular/Wi-Fi Gateway);
D Cell, Alkaline or Lithium (2×), or 12V External (Local Gateway, loggers)
Operating Temperature³
−40 °C to +85 °C (−40 °F to +185 °F)
−40 °C to +65 °C (−40 °F to +149 °F) (Tilt logger)
L × W × H
160 × 260 × 91 mm (Cellular/Wi-Fi Gateway)
120 × 122 × 91 mm (Local Gateway)
120 × 122 × 91 mm (single-channel/addressable/tilt loggers)
160 × 260 × 91 mm (4-channel logger)
180 × 280 × 101 mm (8-channel logger)

¹Outdoor, clear line-of-sight, maximum 4 hops.

²Tilt Loggers only. Calibrated range: ±30°

³The lithium battery inside a Cellular/Wi-Fi Gateway will not charge below 0° C.

Please Note: GEOKON maintains an ongoing policy of design review and reserves the right to amend products and specifications without notice. Various instruments are discontinued over time and replaced with new, updated models.

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