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31 Years of Continued Growth

New Facility Completed

The end of 2010 marks GEOKON, INCORPORATED’s 31st year of operation as a premier manufacturer of geotechnical instrumentation. GEOKON realized a sales increase of 35% over their previous record year as a result of their participation in several large civil engineering projects throughout the world.

GEOKON’s fourth building expansion was completed in 2010, bringing their total industrial space to 35,000 sq ft. The larger facility allows for increased production and expanded capabilities in the latest data acquisition and communications techniques to further augment GEOKON’s world leadership in vibrating wire technology.

GEOKON has over 90 employees—many of whom have been with the company for over 20 years. Their wealth of experience allows GEOKON to do what it does best: to quickly and effectively service customers’ needs in the rapidly growing field of geotechnical monitoring. In addition, Geokon has a network of 40+ worldwide representatives that have contributed to the acceptance and specification of GEOKON instrumentation in a growing number of projects around the world.

For more information, please contact GEOKON:

phone: 1.603.448.1562


Photo of New Facility.
New Facility:

Completed in the fall of 2010.