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LAB3 Surge Module | Model 4999-12L/E

  • The Model 4999-12L/E LAB3, with cover removed to show the Surge Protection Board.
Model 4999-12L/E

The Model 4999-12L/E LAB3 Surge Protection Board is designed to protect GEOKON transducers, dataloggers and power supplies from short duration, high voltage surges that may be induced in the transducer or interconnecting cables. Protection is provided by circuitry, including tripolar plasma surge arrestors, transient suppression diodes and inductors.


Breakdown Voltage
7.5 V, 16 V or 30 V nominal
Peak Current
5 kA (20 µs) maximum
Temperature Range
−20°C to +80°C
L × W × H
160 × 74 × 76 mm

Please Note: GEOKON maintains an ongoing policy of design review and reserves the right to amend products and specifications without notice. Various instruments are discontinued over time and replaced with new, updated models.