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Product Showcase

New Software: LogView

LogView software is an easy-to-use, menu-based application designed for use with Geokon’s Model 8002 (LC-2) Series Dataloggers, including the LC-2(A) (single-channel logger), the LC-2×4 (4-channel version) and the LC-2×16 (16-channel version).

LogView simplifies the task of configuration, communication, monitoring, data collection and data reduction via a Project explorer “tree” in the left hand pane and “Views” in the right hand pane(s). LogView includes screens for configuration, connection, measurement and data collection, plus a real-time text-based monitor, graphical monitor and terminal emulator.

Graphical images can be saved or printed at any time, graph views can be customized according to users preferences and screens can be configured for full or split-screen viewing.

LogView Software data sheet.

[ data sheet ]

8002 LC-2 Series data sheet.

[ data sheet ]