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Profile | Sherm Wilson

Sherm Wilson

Sherm Wilson is known as GEOKON’s “X”-man—or more officially as our Senior Engineering Technician—but the title does not adequately explain his varied assignments. He handles the implementation of all non-standard orders (which comprise a large part of GEOKON’s business) and components, combining his knowledge of machining and GEOKON’s manufacturing capabilities with practical engineering solutions. Non-standard products (typically designated with an “X”) often require Engineering drawings, which Sherm can reference, via a large database, then use his keen product knowledge to quickly arrive at the most economical manufacturing solution.

Sherm joined GEOKON as a Machinist nearly 24 years ago, following a stint at a local wind turbine manufacturer in the early 1980’s. He progressed to Machine Shop Supervisor then moved into his current role in 2002. Along the way, he’s made several GEOKON Field Service trips to assist in the installation of various instruments due to their complexity.

Sherm’s family has a long-time connection to nearby Strafford, Vermont where he, being a skilled carpenter (among his many talents), and his wife built a home nearly 30 years ago and raised 4 children. He has spent significant time in other parts of the world engaging in technical mountain climbing and other challenging activities, and continues to enjoy his family, back country skiing, and motorcycle trekking.

All at GEOKON appreciate Sherm’s “behind the scenes” efforts, as they contribute significantly to GEOKON’s ability to manufacture and ship custom or non-standard products in a timely fashion.


Photo of Sherm.
Sherm Wilson:

GEOKON’s Senior Engineering Technician.