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Profile | Wayne Tucker

Wayne Tucker

Software Engineer Wayne Tucker joined GEOKON’s Electronics Engineering group 21 months ago, where he concentrates primarily on software products to support GEOKON’s dataloggers and readouts. With an awareness of customer needs complementing his programming talents, Wayne also revises and creates technical manuals and has provided on-site support on several occasions. He also represented GEOKON at a recent technical conference/exhibit.

Prior work experience, including electronics hardware design and process control engineering, encourages Wayne to keep the customer’s role as a user at the forefront of his work. He believes a customer who can interact easily with electronic hardware products will be a satisfied customer, one more likely to remain with GEOKON for future business and relate positive product experiences to others.

Wayne enjoys the variety that accompanies his job, whether he is helping a customer resolve an issue, discussing a new feature for a software product, creating a new technical manual, or preparing a support visit to a customer project site.

Like many at GEOKON, Wayne is native to the "Upper Valley" region, born and raised in Lebanon, NH. He is an avid fisherman, hiker, and motorcyclist. He also enjoys traveling for both business and pleasure. We are pleased to have Wayne on the GEOKON team and part of our growing Electronics Engineering Department.


Wayne Tucker:

GEOKON’s Software Engineer.