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Geotechnical Instrumentation for Field Measurements

April 3-5, 2011 | Doubletree Hotel, Cocoa Beach, Florida

This continuing education course will include presentations by users of instrumentation from USA, England and France. There will also be technical presentations and instrument displays by major manufacturers of geotechnical instrumentation from USA, Canada and Switzerland.

To reflect modern trends, there will be new lectures. These will include web-based monitoring, wireless monitoring, emerging technologies and on-line sources of information, and more case histories than last time. There will also be an opportunity for registrants to submit, to the Course Director prior to the course, questions and requested discussion topics, and a half day has been assigned for responding to these requests.

Emphasis will be given to obtaining high quality data to help answer specific geotechnical questions.

The Course Director is

For more information, please visit: conferences.dce.ufl.edu/geotech

Instrumentation schematic.
Short Course:

Geotechnical Instrumentation For Field Measurements.