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Inzwa | Cloud Monitoring System

  • Inzwa's Cloud monitoring system provides centralized, remote sensor management, and the recording and monitoring of a wide array of geotechnical devices, at any time and on any screen. Geotechnical applications include dams, tunnels, excavations, mines, etc.
  • Visualizations on maps, project plans, or your own uploaded images can help you make sense of complex data quickly.
  • Interactive 3D graph showing incremental displacement on Axis A.
  • Interactive 3D graph showing incremental displacement on Axis B.
  • The Report Template Builder provides quick, and easily customized, automated summary reports .
Cloud Monitoring System

Inzwa Cloud is a centralized, plug-and-play sensor management platform that allows for the centralized management of a wide array of geotechnical monitoring devices. The Inzwa Cloud integrates with the GeoNet 8800 · 8900 Series and 8920 · 8930 Series Loggers, via GEOKON OpenAPI, to seamlessly collect and report sensor data, providing real-time, intuitive data visualizations for quick analysis and decision making. Alerts are customizable for users and stakeholders and can be delivered via email, SMS, or both. Automated reporting is simplified, with the Inzwa Report Template Builder allowing for user-friendly, quick and customizable report generation. Inzwa also offers simplified, all-inclusive pricing based upon the number of devices hosted on the platform per year with no platform fees. Pre-configured dashboards and automated reporting is included at no extra charge.

For more information, please visit www.inzwa.io

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