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Profile | Pete Clark

Pete Clark

If you have shipped an instrument, readout, or datalogger to GEOKON for calibration or service, it is likely that you worked with Pete Clark, GEOKON’s Supervisor of Repair and Rentals.

Pete joined GEOKON in August 1996, bringing a diverse technical background in professional audio, photography, and printing equipment. His experience with calibrating custom equipment appealed to GEOKON and he spent two years with the Calibration group before taking on broader responsibilities in the Repair and Rental areas.

Pete still manages, on occasion, to repair a device but his duties focus on coordinating incoming goods for recalibration or service, supervising repair technicians, communicating with customers, and scheduling shipments of completed work. He also estimates repairs for customers and assists in tracking product performance and manufacturing quality, both of which are important metrics for GEOKON’s senior management. Pete enjoys working with customers and users from around the world, meeting the challenges of their deadlines and, when necessary, determining the root cause of a problem.

When not attending to customer’s needs, Pete maintains his interest in old audio equipment, music, and vinyl LPs, as well as enjoying vintage archery gear, longbow hunting, trout fishing, snowshoeing, and kayaking.

Pete’s product knowledge is appreciated by those inside and outside the company and is another valuable resource on the GEOKON team.


Pete Clark
Pete Clark:

GEOKON’s Supervisor of Repair and Rentals.