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Fifth Anniversary

Celebrating Five Years with GEOKON, INCORPORATED

November 19, 2012 | GKM Consultants, Canada

Geotechnical and structural instrumentation firm GKM Consultants, Inc. is celebrating its fifth anniversary. To mark this important milestone, GKM’s management organized a portfolio event on November 8, 2012 to present a photo exhibition on the company’s main achievements. The reception was attended by the firm’s clients, partners, suppliers and employees.

Now a rapidly growing firm, GKM took off soon after being founded thanks to its first contract abroad: a remote monitoring project for the Tsankov Kamak Dam in Bulgaria. GKM has successfully completed projects in more than 15 countries and is now recognized worldwide for its expertise and know-how regarding structural behavior and the manner in which structures interact with the supporting ground.

“We are proud of all that we have accomplished in the last five years and plan to continue to set our sights abroad,” said GKM’s President, Stéphane-Éric Thivierge.

GKM provides innovative and customized solutions as to the choice of instrument and the resources to be used for the construction and operating phases of all types of monitoring projects. It also provides a full range of services, which includes consulting, design work, detailed engineering, installation, integration, instrumentation project management and a turnkey training program. These solutions and services are mainly provided in connection with projects involving dams, foundations, deep excavation work, open-pit and underground mines as well as road infrastructures.

Portfolio event attendees.

5th Anniversary Portfolio Event.