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Product Showcase | Model CDM-VW300 · CDM-VW305

New Dynamic Vibrating Wire Analyzers

These devices can measure standard, single-coil, vibrating wire sensors at rates well suited for dynamic measurements (20 to 333 Hz). This provides the opportunity to use vibrating wire sensors for measurements that were previously the domain of other technologies. For example, Vibrating Wire Strain Gages can now be used instead of resistive foil strain gages. These devices use spectral analysis methods to provide high measurement precision and a unique excitation system that maintains the gage in a continuously vibrating state, allowing the dynamic motion in the structure to be captured.

Please open the following links to the Campbell Scientific Inc. website for more information on the CDM-VW300 (2-channel) and the CDM-VW305 (8-channel), or view this video demonstration to see the CDM-VW300 in use with the GEOKON Model 4202 Vibrating Wire Miniature Concrete Embedment Strain Gage cast inside a concrete cylinder.

Photo of CDM-VW305

New Dynamic Vibrating Wire Analyzer.