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Bluestone Dam

  • Xiluodu Hydropower Plant.
  • Xiluodu Hydropower Plant.
  • Xiluodu Hydropower Plant.
  • Xiluodu Hydropower Plant.

Hinton, West Virginia, USA

Bluestone Dam, in Hinton, West Virginia, was built between 1941 and 1949 to control flooding in the New and Kanawha River Valleys. It’s constructed of a series of 55 x 165 ft high, 22 ft wide (at base) interlocked concrete monoliths. Recent calculations identified the possibility for dam failure due to the monoliths sliding on the bedrock.

As a result, a total of 216 high-strength anchors, comprising of 58 to 61/0.6 high strength multi strands, were installed at critical monoliths to stabilize the dam. This photo, kindly shared by DSI America, shows a GEOKON Model 4900-3500-12 Vibrating Wire Load Cell mounted on the 15,000 kN hydraulic ram (20" stroke) used to stress the anchors.

Xiluodu Hydropower Plant
Bluestone Dam:

Hinton, West Virginia, USA.


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