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Software, Drivers, Firmware, Cellular Modem Templates and Demo Sites

New and recently updated (within the last 6 months) files are shown with shaded background and bold revision, date and size. Downloads are provided in .zip format.

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Desktop Applications

Model Number/DescriptionRevision:Date:Size:
3810A Addressable Thermistor String Software 1.0.5973.27222 05.09.2016 120 KB
8001-3 LogView Software 09.21.2016 68.0 MB
8001-11 LogView Scheduler Software 05.22.2017 1.5 MB
8020-59 VW Frequency to Analog Converter Software 05.07.2015 3.2 MB
8800 GeoNet Agent Software (x64) 10.19.2017 41.5 MB
8800 GeoNet Agent Software (x86) 10.19.2017 41.5 MB
GEO-TWS Geokon Terminal Window Software 11.09.2016 2.64 MB
Pendulum Collimation Software 09.18.2013 138 KB

Field PC Applications (Windows® Mobile)

Model Number/DescriptionRevision:Date:Size:
Thermistor String Reader Application 06.30.2015 15.6 MB
8001-10 LogView Mobile Software V1.2.0.0 11.23.2015 5.3 MB
GK-405 Vibrating Wire Readout Application 06.10.2016 14.8 MB
GK-604D/GK-604 Inclinometer Readout Application 12.21.2016 16.5 MB

USB Drivers

Model Number/DescriptionRevision:Date:Size:
USB Drivers for GEOKON Devices CDM 02.12.06 09.30.2015 2.0 MB


Model Number/DescriptionRevision:Date:Size:
8800 GeoNet Firmware Update Package 01.09.2018 568 KB
GK-502 Load Cell Readout Firmware 3.1 01.24.2018 518 KB

Cellular Modem Templates

Model Number/DescriptionRevision:Date:Size:
Verizon Raven RV50: Modem Template 1 03.17.2016 8 KB
Verizon Raven XT: Modem Template (Obsolete) 1 03.12.2015 3 KB

Software Demo Sites

Demo Sites

Vista Data Vision (VDV) Software vdv.geokon.com/vdv/demo.html
Deep Excavation LLC SiteMaster Software