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Vertical In-Place Inclinometer String (MEMS) | Model 6140

  • Model 6140 Vertical In-Place Inclinometer String Biaxial MEMS tilt sensor.
  • Various part numbers comprising the Model 6140 Vertical IPI String:
6180-2: Suspension Bracket | 6140-3: Suspension Cable | 6180-3: Readout Cable | 6140-1: Vertical IPI String Top, with Readout Cable connector | 6140-0.5M/2FT: Vertical IPI String Middle | 6140-5: Vertical IPI String Connector Bottom | 6140-2: Vertical IPI String Bottom, with Suspension Weight connector | 6140-4: Suspension Weight
  • Closeup of the Model 6140 (left), shown inserted into the Model 6600 Quick-Lock Inclinometer Casing, with Model 6140-6 Installation Tool being used to hold the string in-place while final connections are being made.
  • Customized shipping package for the Model 6140 system, which holds a complete string of up to 100 sensors.
Model 6140

The Model 6140 Vertical IPI String consists of a string of Biaxial MEMS tilt sensors, installed in rugged engineered polymer housings. One spring-loaded wheel and two fixed wheels, allow the string to positively engage the grooves of conventional inclinometer casing(1) maintaining azimuth with depth. The entire string is held in tension by attaching a suspension weight from the bottommost sensor and hanging the string from the top of the casing using a suspension cable and support bracket.

Sensors in the inclinometer string are mechanically connected with high-strength aircraft cable assemblies, which are free to pivot about the connection point. Sensors are electrically connected via a common bus cable, while the top-most sensor includes a waterproof connector that allows for easy assembly to the chosen readout device (PC, datalogger, SCADA system, etc.) through a customer-specified readout cable.

Each sensor outputs calibrated tilt (angular degrees) and temperature (degree Celsius) readings, which can be easily imported into MS Excel, or any inclinometer visualization software, without the need to convert raw data into engineering units.

The Model 6140 Vertical IPI String uses the industry standard Modbus® Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) protocol to communicate. Automated monitoring is accomplished using GeoNet Addressable Loggers, 8600 Series Dataloggers, Campbell Scientific Dataloggers or any other device capable of being a Modbus RTU client and having an RS-485 port. The Model 8020-38 Addressable Bus Converter provides the means to interface the Model 6140 with a variety of systems, including personal computers, programmable logic controllers and dataloggers.


±0.00025° (±0.004 mm/m)
±0.0075° (±0.13 mm/m)
Operating Temperature
−40 °C to +65 °C (−40 °F to +149 °F)
Sensor Weight
0.36 kg (0.8 lb)
Standard Sensor Length
0.5 m, 2 ft

¹Calibrated Range: ±30°

²99% confidence interval (i.e. 99 out of 100 individual readings fall within this tolerance).

³Includes random walk (changes between consecutive readings that have no discernible cause) and seismic noise during testing.

Compatible Dataloggers

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