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Quick-Lock Inclinometer Casing | Model 6600

  • Close-up of Model 6600-1-10 Inclinometer Casing, decoupled.
  • Close-up of Model 6600-1-10, with Model 6600-1C Repair Coupler and Model 6600-2 Quick-Lock Coupling Wire inserted.
  • Model 6600-1-10 Quick-Lock ABS Inclinometer Casing (top) and Model 6600-1TS Telescoping Section (bottom).
  • Model 6600-1C Repair Coupler and Model 6600-2 Quick-Lock Coupling Wire.
  • Model 6600-2A Casing Anchor.
Model 6600

The Model 6600 Quick-Lock Inclinometer Casing is intended for use with all commercially available inclinometer probes to monitor the stability of embankments, slopes, rock cuts, foundation and excavation walls, piles, etc. The casing sections are designed to be assembled quickly and easily, using self-aligning couplings which incorporate a Quick-Lock connection. It is suitable for installation in boreholes and piles, set into concrete, or attached to structures.


Casing ID
58 mm (2.28")
Casing OD
70 mm (2.75")
Casing Length
3 m (10'), 1.5 m (5')
Telescoping Section
3 m (10') (compressed length)
3.2 m (10.6') (extended length)

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