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Inclinometer Casing | Model 6500

  • Two sections of the Model 6500 Inclinometer Casing shown with a standard length coupling.
  • Close-up shows two sections of the Model 6500 riveted and taped together with a standard length coupling.
Model 6500

The Model 6500 Inclinometer Casing is used in conjunction with all commercially available inclinometer probes to monitor the stability of embankments, slopes, rock cuts, foundations and excavation walls, piles, coffer dams, etc. The casings and couplings are pop-riveted together and the joints are waterproofed using caulk and tape. The casing has wheel grooves spaced at 90° intervals, for probe orientation, and is manufactured from pultruded fiberglass ensuring a lightweight, strong, environmentally resistant casing with grooves free from spiraling.


Maximum O.D.
70 mm (casing), 76.5 mm (coupling)
Wall Thickness
3 mm (casing), 2 mm (coupling)
3 m (casing), 300 mm (coupling)
Telescoping Coupling
available up to 3 m (please specify)

Please Note: GEOKON maintains an ongoing policy of design review and reserves the right to amend products and specifications without notice. Various instruments are discontinued over time and replaced with new, updated models.