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Digital Inclinometer | Spiral Indicator System (MEMS) | Model GK-604D

  • Model GK-604D Digital Inclinometer System.
  • Model 6100D Digital Inclinometer Probe.
  • Model 6000-5-2 reel (150 m storage capacity) and Model 6000-18 Carry Case.
  • Model FPC-2 Field PC showing a Live Inclinometer Data reading screen shot.
  • Model 6000-17 Cordura® carry case, with padded interior, is used to protect the probe, FPC-2 Handheld Field PC and accessories from shock during transportation.
  • Model 6000-10 Dummy Probe, shown with accessories, used to check for obstructions or distortions that may be present in installed inclinometer casings.
  • Model 6000-2 Control Cable: A lightweight, Polyurethane-jacketed cable with a central Kevlar® strand.
  • Model 6000-22 Cable Pulley and Casing Adaptor, provided for use with inclinometer casings with a maximum O.D. of 70 or 85 mm.
  • The Model GK-604D-EW Electric Cable Reel System comprises a 12 volt electric winch, a cable reel with 300 m capacity, an automatic brake and a galvanized steel tripod.
Model GK-604D

The Model GK-604D Digital Inclinometer System is delivered in its entirety and includes a Model 6100D Digital Inclinometer Probe, a reel-mounted cable and a Field PC. The Model 6100D contains electronics to convert the analog voltage into a digital signal, which is transmitted by the control cable to the cable reel containing the Interface, which communicates via Bluetooth® wireless technology to the Model FPC-2 Field PC. A Digital Compass is built into the Inclinometer Probe to correct the inclinometer data sets for any twist (or spiraling) in the inclinometer casings. The spiral survey data is presented on (and stored in) the same FPC-2 Field PC used for taking inclinometer readings. An optional 12 volt electric cable reel system is available, which can provide substantial time savings when surveying deep inclinometer casings.


Standard Range
Resolution (Probe)
Resolution (System)¹
±0.025 mm/500 mm (±0.0001 ft/2 ft)
Total System Accuracy²
±3 mm/30 m (±0.125 in/100 ft)
Temperature Range
−30°C to +85°C
Length × Diameter³
700 × 25 mm, 1200 × 25 mm or 32 × 1 in
Wheel Base
0.5 m, 1 m or 2 ft
Casing Size I.D.
48 to 89 mm (2 to 3.5 in)

¹±10 arc seconds. The resolution shown is only true in the range of ±5° from vertical. Beyond this, the resolution is diminished (by the cosine of the angle from vertical). Resolution also depends on readout instrument used.

²Within 3° of vertical. This takes into account the accumulation of the error inherent with each reading, and normal placement errors in positioning the probe inside the casing; also the effect of debris in the casing, or casing damage.

³The cable connector adds 150 mm to the length of the probe.

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