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Nold DeAerator™ | Model 2100

  • Model 2100 Nold DeAerator shown degassing a liquid.
  • Typical system components include (from left to right) the Model 2100, a storage tank, a moisture trap and vacuum pump.
Model 2100

De-aired water or antifreeze solutions are an essential ingredient of any hydraulic piezometer or settlement system, where the formation of air bubbles in the fluid-filled tubing must be prevented. The Nold DeAerator provides a rapid means of removing dissolved gases from fluids, at a much higher rate than through conventional heating/boiling methods. The Nold DeAerator consists of a holding tank, which can be evacuated using either a vacuum pump or a water-powered aspirator. Water (or antifreeze solution), is drawn into the tank where it is agitated violently by a rotating impeller, causing cavitation, nucleation and the rapid expulsion of the dissolved gasses. The Nold DeAerator can also be used with other fluids to remove dissolved gasses.


Standard Capacity
8 liter
Power Supply
115V | 60 Hz
230V | 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption
115V | 59 watts
230V | 64/59 watts
Vacuum Requirements
750 mm Hg, (12 Torr), or better
Degassing Purity
0.6 ppm
L × W × H
190 × 190 × 600 mm

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