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Settlement Sensors

Settlement Profiler (VW) | Model 4651

  • Model 4651 Settlement Profiler.
  • Model 4651-3 Dead End Pulley.
Model 4651

The Model 4651 Settlement Profiler consists of a pressure transducer inside a torpedo which is connected by a long liquid filled tube to a liquid reservoir. The torpedo is pulled through a pipe buried in a fill, surcharge, embankment, etc. The transducer gives a measure of the elevation profile of the pipe relative to the reservoir located on stable ground. The liquid tube is stored on a reel.


Standard Range¹
7 m
0.025% F.S.
Sensor Accuracy²
±0.1% F.S.
Cable Reel Capacity
100 m
Temperature Range
−20°C to +80°C
Reel Capacity
(4651-1) up to 130 m; (4651-2) 131 to 200 m
Length × Diameter
(probe) 203 × 35 mm; (reel) 178 × 610 mm

¹Other ranges available on request.

²Laboratory accuracy. Total system accuracy is subject to site-specific variables.

Please Note: GEOKON maintains an ongoing policy of design review and reserves the right to amend products and specifications without notice. Various instruments are discontinued over time and replaced with new, updated models.