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Biaxial Stressmeters (VW) | Model 4350

  • Model 4350 Biaxial Stressmeter.
  • Model 4350 Biaxial Stressmeter cross section.
Model 4350

The Model 4350 Vibrating Wire Biaxial Stressmeter is designed to measure compressive stress changes in rock, salt, concrete or ice. Three or six Vibrating Wire sensors oriented at 60° intervals allow the principal stress changes to be measured in the plane perpendicular to the stressmeter axis. The stressmeter consists of a high strength steel cylinder which is grouted (or frozen, in the case of ice) into a BX (60 mm) size borehole.


Standard Range
70 MPa
14 to 70 KPa
±0.1% F.S.
Temperature Range³
−20°C to +80°C
Borehole Diameter
BX (60 mm)

¹Depends on rock modulus.

²Established under laboratory conditions.

³High temperature versions (up to 200°C) available on request.

Please Note: GEOKON maintains an ongoing policy of design review and reserves the right to amend products and specifications without notice. Various instruments are discontinued over time and replaced with new, updated models.