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Model 8020 Micro-10 Datalogger | Discontinued

  • Model 8020 Micro-10 Datalogger (this product has been discontinued).

The Model 8020 Micro-10 Datalogger is a versatile low-cost instrument capable of reading practically all types of electrical sensors such as vibrating wire transducers, linear potentiometers, DCDTs, RTDs, thermistors, thermocouples, accelerometers, etc. The heart of the Micro-10 Datalogger is the Campbell Scientific CR10X MCU which serves as a microcomputer, clock, multimeter, calibrator, scanner, frequency counter and controller. The Micro-10 comes in a sealed weatherproof Nema 4 enclosure and includes the Model 8020-47 DSP filter for the elimination of spurious noise effects. User friendly Windows® based MultiLogger software allows easy programming of scan intervals, selection of sensor types, setting of alarms, etc. Data is retrieved by telephone modems, solid state storage module, radios, or satellite transmission.

The Model 8020 has been replaced by the Model 8600 Series Dataloggers.


±2.5 millivolts to ±2.5 volts (analog), DC to 200kHz (frequency)
0.33 microvolts to 333 microvolts (analog),
±60 nS/no. cycles measured (frequency)
±0.1% F.S. (analog), ±0.01% of reading (frequency)
Excitation Output
±2.5 V at 20mA, Frequency Sweep (2.5 V peak)
12 V, 7.0 Amp Ahr Gel Cell
Temperature Range
−23°C to +50°C (−55°C to +80°C optional)
L × W × H
406 × 356 × 203 mm

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