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Recent Acquisition | Ealey Engineering

GEOKON Acquires Ealey Engineering Limited

Photo of Peter Ealey.

After 25 years of manufacturing the Ealey Tape Extensometer, Peter Ealey of Ealey Engineering, located in Hastings UK, has decided to retire and pursue other ventures. As such, GEOKON, INCORPORATED completed the acquisition of Ealey Engineering Limited in December 2014.

Since its launch in 1993 the Ealey Tape Extensometer has been used in virtually every major tunneling job in the UK. Through Peter’s and GEOKON’s efforts, the Ealey Tape Extensometer has become the instrument of choice in tunneling jobs throughout the world. GEOKON, duly impressed with its accuracy and reliability, has been marketing the Ealey Tape Extensometer since 1998 and we’re happy to announce that, as of 2015, we will begin manufacturing this invaluable tool in our Lebanon NH, USA facility.

In order to provide our European customers with timely service, we have entered into an agreement with Robert van der Veen of Koenders Instruments B.V. located in Almere-Stad, Netherlands. Koenders will perform minor repairs in the Netherlands and will stock tape extensometer units for loan should any major repairs involving GEOKON be required. Koenders have also agreed to stock replacement tapes and tape extensometer units for resale purposes.

In this way, we will continue production of the Ealey Tape Extensometer and we are honored that Peter Ealey has chosen GEOKON to provide this valuable service. We wish Peter and his wife Jean a long and happy retirement—and they can rest assured that we will continue to maintain the high standards for which the Ealey Tape Extensometer is famous.

photo of Ealey Tape Extensometer.
Model 1610:

Ealey Tape Extensometer.