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Product Showcase | Model 8800 Series

New Wireless Data Acquisition Network

Photo of Model 8800-2 Network Supervisor and Model 8800-1 Sensor Nodes.

GeoNet is a low-power, data acquisition system designed to wirelessly collect data from many sensors spread over a wide area. The system consists of a Supervisor (Model 8800-2) and up to 100 Sensor Nodes (Model 8800-1). The supervisor controls the network and combines and saves all the data collected by the nodes.

The GeoNet system network is self-healing and will reconfigure itself, if possible, to allow communication to be re-established around any obstructions occurring between nodes. Up to 12 parallel networks can coexist by setting each at a different operating frequency.

The GeoNet system is presently configured for single vibrating wire sensors, and will be expanded to include 8-channel multiplexers and the ability to read MEMS and Thermistor Strings later this year.

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Model 8800 Series data sheet.