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Profile | Colin Judd

Colin Judd

Colin Judd is manager of GEOKON, INCORPORATED’s Electrical Engineering, Data Acquisition Systems, and Information Technology departments. If something involves wiring, signals, data, associated hardware or software, or the internal systems that support GEOKON’s day-to-day business, Colin and his groups are playing a role. He is directly involved with electrical and software products that play an ever-expanding role in GEOKON’s offerings, as well as investigating new technologies and methods that might have a beneficial application with our instrument products and customer’s monitoring needs.

Since joining GEOKON in 1995, Colin has worn several hats. He created the Repair Department, which included providing technical support and occasional field services, then advanced to Production Manager, where, in 2004, he was project leader for the implementation of GEOKON’s current material resource planning and management system. He still provides occasional field services and has visited several countries, including Egypt, Vietnam, Bulgaria, Brazil, and most recently Germany.

Colin enjoys supporting GEOKON’s mission of providing our customers with high-quality products coupled with strong pre- and post-sales support. Originally from northern Vermont, Colin has a home in Sharon, VT and another property that he is currently developing. When he is not managing his departments or helping clients, Colin enjoys playing golf, spending time with his fiancée and family, and assisting his brother-in-law in operating a small automotive repair business.

With his previous organizational experiences and current responsibilities for areas of the company continuously evolving, and most exposed to rapid technological developments, Colin is a key member of the GEOKON management team.


photo of Colin Judd
Colin Judd:

Manager of GEOKON’s Electrical Engineering, Data Acquisition Systems,
and IT Departments.