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Field Test | New Hampshire

GeoNet Installation

  • Photo of GeoNet Wireless Network System installation.
  • Photo of GeoNet Wireless Network System installation.

We are pleased to report the successful and continued operation of a Model 8800 GeoNet Wireless Network system, comprising 6 Nodes and 1 Supervisor, installed at a dam site in New Hampshire. Each Node has been recording water level and temperature at hourly intervals since November 1, 2014 until the present day (November 23, 2015 at time of writing). During this period the average voltage on the D-cell battery packs has dropped by only 0.28 V (from 3.14 V to 2.86 V), in spite of nearly 3 months of operation at below zero temperatures, between the end of December 2014 and mid-March 2015 (including one day, Feb 24th 2015, when the temperature dropped to –32°C).

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Photo of the Model 8800-1 Sensor Node.
Model 8800-1

Sensor Node

Photo of the Model 8800-2 Network Supervisor.
Model 8800-2

Network Supervisor