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Strain Gauges

Dynamic Strain Transducers (Electrical Resistance) | Model ST-350

  • Model ST-350 Dynamic Strain Transducer.
  • Model ST-350 dimensions.
Model ST-350

The Model ST-350 Dynamic Strain Transducer is used for structural testing and recording strains on steel structures, post-tensioned and pre-stressed concrete structures, etc., and for any structure in which a short-term live-load can be applied. The Model ST-350 is delivered pre-wired in a rugged housing that is easy and quick to install in any weather. These transducers are field-proven and have been used for more than 20 years to record strain measurements on all types of structures, often in harsh field conditions.


Strain Range
±4000 µε (Calibrated to ±2000 µε)
Effective Gauge Length
76.2 mm
±2%, individually calibrated to NIST standards
500 µε/mV/V (approximately)
Full Wheatstone Bridge with 4 active 350 ohm foil gauges, 4-wire hookup
Temperature Range
−50°C to +120°C
Overall Size
110.5×31.2×13 mm

Compatible Readouts and Dataloggers

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