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  • Soil Extensometers

    The Model 4435 Soil Extensometer is designed to be installed, in series, to measure horizontal strain and settlements in earthfill or rockfill dams. The 4435 has flanges on either end, which enable a series of extensometers to be bolted together forming long strings of sensors so that complete profiles of deformation or settlement can be monitored.

    Model 4435 Data Sheet ›

    4435 Soil Extensometer data sheet.
  • LogView Mobile Software

    The Model 6165 MEMS Tilt Beam is designed for attachment to structures, on either a vertical or horizontal surface, for the measurement of any tilting or differential settlements that may occur. The Tilt Beams can be coupled together in long horizontal strings to measure differential settlement along embankments, railroad tracks, pipelines, tunnels, etc., or they can be used in vertical strings to measure the horizontal deformation of retaining walls, sheet piling, etc.

    Model 6165 Data Sheet ›

    6165 MEMS Tilt Beam data sheet.